Prototyping / Web Engineering

The following examples highlight a few of the types of projects that come up: Proof-of Concept, CSS /component engineering help, and refacing older code to integrate with newer bits.

WYSIWYG page customization engine.

Podomatic, 2006

I developed increasingly complex prototypes, which led to me doing the final engineering implementations of this feature. In 2006 most interactive, web based customization engines used flex not pure html. This one also allows a single color selection to theme everything. Podcasters on podomatic loved it.

Restyling without touching legacy code

Exigen, 2015-16

Exigen makes the back office systems that large insurers run on. They are moving to more modern infrastructure, but needed to buy some time by refreshing the current UI without touching most of the front end codebase.

I created an alternate set of CSS and combined them with some small amount of allowed JavaScript to modernize the app. We were able to dramatically improve the quality of the search interface, and the many modal screens where buttons got lost on the bottom of long, scrolling forms.



Angular 2 following Markup/CSS mockups

MarkMonitor Domain team, 2017

The Domain team at MarkMonitor was undertaking a big redesign of their core domain product, starting with contact manager. I created the markup and css to be used for creation of the contact manager, then jumped into the code base to tweak, enhance, extend the initial component implementations. These snapshots are from the test engineering site (the header at top is an image but the filter, actions, and grid control are live)